Car Battery Replacement

Whether your car battery requires charging or a replacement, we can help you with all battery-related repair services. We provide only high-performance long-life car batteries. The car battery replacement Dubai from premium brands is suitable for your car make and model.

How Often Do You Require A Car Battery Replacement?

The life span of an automobile battery relies on its circumstances and how you take into consideration of it. But after a supervision program on moderate, the battery stays for approximately 4-5 years. For the automobile in freezing areas, the life span can be descending. Sadly, there’s no other option to dodge bringing your car battery switched. Visit us at WeFix auto services to resolve this issue of car battery replacement in Dubai.

Though the substitute will not botch a serious void in your wallets, not substituting the battery will certainly do that.

Computerized Battery DiagnosisCar Battery Replacement Dubai

Our trained technicians can reach you and run a quick diagnostic test on the car battery, motor, charging system, and Engine Repair in Dubai.

The load test is performed with all safety precautions to find the actual issue and execute needed repair to help your car jump start and get running on the road.

Car Battery replacement service

Battery life usually lasts up to 3 years but in these hot temperatures. Where the electrolytes of the battery evaporate the water quicker. You could need one a bit sooner. As a rule of thumb, the more sophisticated is the car. The more the load on the battery as the functions extract energy from the battery.

With the load test, we can find the replacement required and advise you on the most cost-efficient options for your car. We offer only the best-performing car batter services Dubai from premium brands with a warranty.

Onsite Battery Boosting Service

Getting stuck on the roadside can be frustrating. A car battery can get drained due to low electrolyte levels, overcharging, leaving the car idle for a long time as well as total car inactivity too.

Give us a call or message with your location and we will reach you to jumpstart your car in no time with our onsite battery boosting service.

Comprehensive Battery System Check

Your car’s battery and electrical system work as a team, and their dependence on each other is never-ending. In the comprehensive battery check. We check that the engine starter is drawing the proper amount of current from the battery. The battery can handle the load.

In addition, we check the electrical systems are performing as required and battery voltage output is correct. If you are unsure of your car’s battery condition, our mechanics can advise you when to run the comprehensive test by carrying out the initial diagnostic test.